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    • Sutton Place dispute heats up as Gamma accuses opponents of withholding documents
      Gamma Real Estate is accusing opponents of a planned 700-foot tall residential tower on East 58th Street of withholding documents ahead of a public hearing on Wednesday. In a letter sent to City Planning Commission Chair Marisa Lago, Jeffrey Braun, the counsel for Gamma Real Estate, said that four co-applicants to the proposal – State […]
    • City Hall protesters object to city, state tax breaks for Amazon Headquarters
      New York has been one of Amazon’s more eager suitors since the online retailer entered the second-home market last month, but not everyone here wants to see the two in bed together. Local community groups rallied on the steps of New York City Hall Monday morning and petitioned Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew […]
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    • ABOM Embezzlement
      Fraudulent Billing/Cash Disbursement Schemes (Part II of III) This article represents the second of a three-part series discussing the potential for embezzlement within a firm or organization by its Accountant Bookkeeper Office Manager (ABOM). Part one discussed how the ABOM could mishandle incoming cash receipts to commit fraud. This article will be discussing how an […]
    • Patent and Trademark Infringement Damages Calculations, Appraisal Actions and Denial of Suit Seeking a Purchase Price Adjustment
      Case Law Four cases are presented in this article that provide valuation, litigation support professionals, and M&A advisors insight regarding how courts are addressing damages claims, challenges to experts, appraisal action challenges, and claims of fraud and breach of contract in connection with M&A transactions. Although the cases are from Delaware and California, they provide […]
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    • The price of air: Local lawyer looks for fat sums in half-empty bags of treats
      Last year Nikita Godsonov bought a $1.99 tube of M&M Minis in a Brooklyn drugstore. Upon opening it, he discovered, to his chagrin, that the package wasn't filled all the way—in fact, about... To view the full story, click the title link.
    • Midtown might soon be coal country
      Madison Avenue may seem like an unlikely home for a coal company. But in recent months energy executives from as far afield as Wyoming, China, India and Russia have been visiting the Midtown office... To view the full story, click the title link.