As a firm, Gettry Marcus has developed and continues to whole-heartedly implement corporate social responsibility programs. These initiatives are part of our core values and we are devoted to fundraising activities focused on contributing to our community.

“Our mission is to ‘Live the Brand’ by Always Looking Deeper to build value for our clients, employees and our community.”

  -Gettry Marcus Vision Statement

Community Programs

Sunrise Association

The Sunrise Association has served over 15 thousand children around the world through the creation of Year-Round Programs, In-Hospital Recreational Activities, and Day Camps – all offered completely free of charge. At Sunrise Day Camps, children with cancer and their siblings experience a summer filled with excitement, friendship and adventure – where the focus changes from hospital beds and needles to swimming pools and paint brushes, where they can enjoy fun-filled days at camp while having the comfort of their own beds at night, all without any additional financial strain on their families. 

Gettry Marcus has embraced Sunrise as part of our firm-wide Corporate Responsibility Initiative since 2014 by taking part in various fundraising and volunteer activities including SunriseWALKS, Stay Out Late at Camp, Sips for Sunrise and Sunrise on the Rocks. Steven Marcus, Managing Partner, has sat on the Board of Directors since 2016 and was named Corporate Chair of SunriseWALKS 2016, 2017, and 2019. Gettry Marcus continues to foster this organization every year by incorporating it into our firm culture.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish Foundation creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. The foundation serves families throughout the five boroughs of NYC and Long Island, granting more than 8,000 wishes for local children. On average, Make-A-Wish grants a wish every 34 minutes throughout the United States and its territories.

Local Food Banks

Gettry Marcus hosts food drives every summer in both our Long Island and New York City office where employees bring in non-perishable goods as part of the movement to end hunger and allow everyone access to healthy, nutritious meals. These in-office food drives are small deeds that allow us to work together as one towards a greater cause. 

Long Island Cares, Inc.

Long Island Cares brings together all available resources for the benefit of the hungry and food insecure on Long Island and, to the best of their ability, provides for the humanitarian needs of their community. Food Drives are a source for over seven million pounds of food LI Cares distributes each year. 

NY Common Pantry

New York Common Pantry (NYCP) works toward the reduction of hunger and food insecurity through an array of programs that function to establish long-term independence for those they serve. NYCP is one of the largest, most reputable Emergency Food Providers (EFPs) in New York City. Over 70% of the food they provide comes from donations made by community partners.