Cybersecurity: Myths That Could Put Your Business at Risk

Major events, like the COVID-19 pandemic, create new opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit. The reality is that 60% of small and medium-sized businesses will go out of business within 6 months of a cyber incident. Common misconceptions provide businesses with a false sense of security that could put them at a greater risk for harm due to a cybersecurity threat. 

With the help of our strategic connection Total Technology Solutions (“Total”), Gettry Marcus has been proactive in educating employees on the importance of preventing cybersecurity threats as a small to midsized firm. If you agree with any of the myths below, click here to access “8 Cyber Myths Debunked.”

8 Cyber Myths to Be Aware Of

  1. Your business is too small to be targeted by hackers.
  2. Strong passwords are enough to keep your data safe.
  3. Anti-virus software will keep your business completely safe.
  4. If WiFi has a password, it is secure.
  5. Cybersecurity threats are only external.
  6. Annual employee security awareness training is sufficient.
  7. You will know immediately if you are hacked.
  8. Cybersecurity is solely the IT Department’s responsibility.

Click here for 8 Cyber Myths Debunked

Total Technology Solutions (“Total”) is a full-service IT solutions provider distinguished by broad expertise and a singular focus on the needs of their clients. Their mission is to secure and support IT infrastructure with reliable solutions and exceptional service so that Total clients can focus on their core businesses.

Total’s solutions originate with their most important asset, their exceptionally talented team of engineers and technicians.

Their services include:

  • Managed Services (ESP)
  • Cybersecurity (Total’s Layered Defense)
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Offerings
  • Professional IT Support
  • Hardware
  • Training
  • If you would like additional information please contact your Gettry Marcus Advisor who can introduce you to a Total Computer Solutions specialist.