Gettry Marcus CPA Talks Finance with Bronx Teens

The students at Morris Academy for Collaborative Studies, located in the South Bronx, were treated to a discussion on “managing finances” by Robin Rokuson, Partner at Gettry Marcus CPA, P.C.

When Ms. Rokuson was offered an opportunity to speak at the school by her daughter Carly, a teacher at Morris Academy, she didn’t think twice. “I really enjoy giving back to the community, especially when children are concerned. In addition, I was excited to have the chance to speak about a topic that is rarely covered by school curricula”, says Rokuson.

“The teachers at Morris Academy take extra measures to create an environment that will prepare their students for life beyond the school doors. For this reason, I thought finance acumen would benefit the students and who better to speak about the topic than a seasoned accountant and my mother.” says Carly Rokuson.

For many students, this was their first exposure to personal finance, which is why Ms. Rokuson designed her presentation specifically for them. Ms. Rokuson started with the basics: five steps to opening a bank account and how to create a budget and a savings plan. She then introduced more complex concepts of credit, credit reports and how to build and maintain good credit – a useful tip every young person can benefit from.

Ms. Rokuson’s hope is that by sharing her knowledge with the students it will inspire them to take charge of their financial goals and empower them to become fiscally responsible individuals.