Our Gettry Marcus professionals provide a full range of services to the restaurant industry. From traditional accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting services to specialty services essential to the success of all owners and operators of full services restaurants, bars, fast-casual restaurants, and commissaries.

Services Offered

New Business Setup
Organizing, setting up, and consulting with new businesses, including reviewing entity-specific documentation as it relates to potential tax impacts and overall structure.

Monthly maintenance of accounting records (i.e. general ledger, trial balance, etc.)

Point of Sale Reports
Analysis of Point of Sale reports ensuring compliance with various tax laws and correct reporting of sales, discounts, tips & gift certificates.

Federal and Local Regulations
Consulting on various federal and local regulation changes as they specifically related to the restaurant industry to ensure compliance with minimum wage requirements, split shifts, meal credit reporting & various other wage-related issues.

Sales Tax Compliance and Reporting
Provide guidance as it relates to sales tax compliance and reporting.

Social Security Tip Credit and Tip Reporting
Specialized knowledge with regards to the Social Security Tip Credit and tip reporting at year-end to ensure compliance with regulations and the ability to maximize tax savings for the owners.

Financial Statement Trend Analysis
Provide financial statement trend analysis including gross profit and net income percentages of sales. We provide industry comparison to help owner operators better understand how they can grow and their business.

Breakeven Analysis
Breakeven analysis to help owner operators understand the sales they need per day, week & month to reach profitability.

If applicable, we provide training to the internal bookkeeping team so that the owner can produce real-time financial statements. We help clients breakdown their income statement based on product type sold.

Investor Groups
Our professionals have extensive experience working with large investor groups, special allocations of distributions and other investor related issues.

Practice Leader

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