Tools & Resources

11/22/2013 Why Attorneys Use Forensic Accountants in Litigation Cases
11/22/2013 Loss Profits and Recovery Following a Contract Breach
02/15/2013 Analyzing Earnings Quality as a Financial Forensics Tool
02/16/2012 A Simplified Method for Financial Projections
02/16/2012 Forensic Accounting Tools for Complex BV Engagements
01/18/2012 Using Electronic Discovery
01/18/2012 The Use of Visual Aids in Performing Forensic Accounting Assignments
05/17/2011 Understanding the Different Business Valuation Credentials
03/24/2011 Writing a Credible and Effective Valuation Report
03/16/2011 The Benefits of Data Mining
03/01/2011 Understanding the Different Approaches Used in a Business Valuation
11/16/2010 RMA Annual Statement Studies, Valuation Edition: New Tool for Business Valuators
10/29/2010 Applying Benford’s Law in Financial Forensic Investigations
10/12/2010 Is My Business Worth More Because It Is An S Corporation
07/27/2010 Deploying Genogram and Timeline Analysis
06/30/2010 Analyzing and Adjusting Historical Financial Statements
06/30/2010 Forensic Accounting
06/30/2010 Top Ten Tips for Preventing Employee Fraud
02/18/2010 Demystifying Valuation Discounts
02/17/2010 The Challenge of Valuing Intangible Assets
01/29/2010 Staying on Course: Estate Planning for Business Owners
01/28/2010 Guarding Against Theft: Comprehensive Internal Controls
01/27/2010 Is the Single Period Capitalization Method Overused
01/22/2010 Buy-Sell Agreements Explained
01/13/2010 Reducing the Potential for Fraud in Your School District

Employee Benefits
08/18/2011 Joint Chapter Banker CPA Meeting
06/08/2011 Are You Aware of the Audit Filing Requirements for Your Clients’ Employee Benefit Plan?
04/28/2011 Quality Counts in Employee Audits, Especially for Your Employees
03/28/2011 401(k) Plan Checklist
12/16/2010 Are You Aware of Your Fiduciary Responsibilities?

Green Energy Solutions
07/07/2011 What Real Estate Owners & Investors can do to make GREEN available when they go green!
05/10/2011 Owners can reduce energy footprint to comply with New York City benchmark deadlines
03/30/2011 Take 179D Deductions without Amending Your 2006 Tax Returns
01/26/2011 Are Millions of Dollars Hiding in Your Buildings?

Health Care
10/04/2012 Increase Your Practice’s Chances for Credit Approval
06/15/2012 Physician Employment by Hospitals
02/16/2012 Taking Care of Business Side
11/16/2011 Putting Your EMR in the Cloud
03/25/2011 CMS Screening
01/27/2011 New Labor Issues for Medical Practices
01/13/2011 EHR Registration Began January 3rd
12/20/2010 New Challenges with the Health Care Reform Act
11/19/2010 Physician Work RVU
11/10/2010 Working with RVUs
11/05/2010 How Productive Is Your Medical Group
10/21/2010 E-Prescribing Medicare Payments
10/07/2010 DoL Sightings: Protect Yourself
09/07/2010 1199 Seeks Refunds
06/30/2010 Bank Financing – How to Get the Most out of Your Lender
06/15/2010 Medicare Payments on Hold
03/30/2010 Penalties on Individuals for Remaining Uninsured in the 2010 Health Reform Legislation
03/30/2010 Premium Assistance Tax Credits for Purchasing Health Insurance in the 2010 Health Reform Legislation
03/30/2010 Tax Changes Affecting Small Businesses in the 2010 Health Reform Legislation
03/30/2010 Higher Medicare Taxes on High Income Taxpayers in the 2010 Health Reform Legislation
03/30/2010 Tax Changes Affecting Individuals in the 2010 Health Reform Legislation
03/01/2010 The Formula for Creating a Mega Group
02/19/2010 Strategic Planning for Your Medical Practice
01/04/2010 How Do You Compare to Your Peers?

Real Estate
02/15/2011 Real Estate Energy Incentives
01/26/2011 Are Millions of Dollars Hiding in Your Buildings?
01/04/2010 Don’t Leave Money on the Table
01/04/2010 Cooperative Apartment Shopping: to Buy or Not to Buy

01/02/2013 Congress Passes Fiscal Cliff Solution; Bill Awaits President’s Signature
02/06/2012 Guidelines for Written Notice of Rates of Pay and Regular Payday
07/21/2011 Companies required to Pay Interest Assessment Surcharge (IAS)
06/29/2011 IRS Focus on Employment Tax Audits Revised
01/26/2011 Changes for Tax Year 2011
01/24/2011 2011 Standard Mileage Rates
01/20/2011 NYS Business Tax Credits of 2010
01/19/2011 IRS Inflation
01/13/2011 Cost Basis Reporting
01/12/2011 Tax Breaks
01/11/2011 Roth IRA Conversion
01/10/2011 Change in 1040 Filing Deadline
12/21/2010 Overview of 2010 Tax Relief Act
09/28/2010 Provisions for Small Business Jobs Act
07/08/2010 Recent Developments That May Affect Your Tax Situation
05/10/2010 2010 HIRE Act
03/29/2010 Premium Assistance Tax Credits
03/29/2010 Employer Requirements to Offer Coverage
03/29/2010 Penalties for Uninsured
03/29/2010 Tax Changes Affecting High Income Taxpayers
03/29/2010 Tax Changes Affecting Small Businesses
03/29/2010 Tax and Benefits Provisions of the 2010 Health Care Act – Individuals