New Features of QuickBooks 2014 Premier and Enterprise

Some of the new features of QuickBooks 2014 Premier are the following:

1. Client Collaborator – Create a transaction conversation. Your Gettry Marcus advisor sends an email notification to you. You get an email notification. You reply in QuickBooks. You send replies directly to your Gettry Marcus Advisor. Associate a question with a specific transaction. You provide answers directly from your QuickBooks file. ***Best new feature of QuickBooks 2014***

2.  Recording Bounced Checks with Ease – Efficiently records multiple transactions associated with a bounced check (NSF funds).

3.  Income Tracker (can replace Collection Center) – Filter for transaction types. Manage actions in batch very efficiently.

4.  Email Tracking, Templates and Attachments – More efficient email tracking, templates and attachments.

5.  Adding Bill Credits to Bill Payment Stub – When a vendor bill is paid 100% by a credit memo, the bill and the credit will now display on Bill Payment Stub.

6.  Improved Payroll Center – Tabs keep tasks separated. See current and past activity.

7.  File Color Customization – Choose a color for the file. Choose to use Color Icons on Top Icon Bar.

8.  Assign Reps to Job Records – Filter reports by Rep. Filter reports by job status.

9.  Bank Feeds – Replaces Online Banking.


Some of the new features of QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 are the following:


1.  Customize Expense Transactions – Add sales rep and/or custom fields.

2.  Job Work-in-process Report – Used to calculate over/under billings. Can be filtered by sales rep or job status.

3.  Committed Costs by Job Report – Includes open purchase order dollars. Includes wages on timesheets. Helps companies watch estimated costs closely.

4.  Inventory Improvements

a. Auto-build Subassemblies – Saves time. No need to figure what to order first.

b. Replace Components In Assemblies – New dialog, “assemblies where used.” Batch updating.

c. Options for BOM Cost – Option to default to total BOM component costs.

    d.  New Min/Max Inventory Reorder – When inventory levels drop, suggested level to order.

5. New Advanced Pricing

a. Price Rules – Converts price levels.

   b. Quantity Discounting – Reward large orders with quantity discounting.


To access these new features, you must upgrade your QuickBooks software to 2014. We offer discounted prices on this software. For more information, please contact your Gettry Marcus advisor or our QuickBooks ProAdvisor team at