In light of the current health crisis it is important to remember that despite the negativity and isolation we are surrounded by we are also surrounded by acts of kindness and a community that comes together to support those battling on the front-line of this pandemic.

As a firm, Gettry Marcus has always been whole-heartedly devoted to fundraising activities focused on contributing to our community, and we are proud to be surrounded by clients, friends and family that share these same values.

Client Spotlight:

Food Trends, a client of Gettry Marcus, is running a fundraising campaign to provide meals for frontline staff and essential medical personnel across New York and New Jersey. Food Trends has already provided meals to St. Francis Hospital, Valley Hospital, NYU Winthrop, and more. Additionally, providing meals to these facilities has allowed Food Trends to offer work to their employees during this difficult time. Learn More

Community Spotlight:

Joanne Wortman, mother of Jared Solensten, Senior Accountant at Gettry Marcus, has been working for the past few weeks to create homemade masks to be donated to local hospitals in her community. Joanne has donated masks to Stony Brook Hospital and St. Catherine’s of Siena Hospital.

Renni Schioppo, Senior Manager at Gettry Marcus, and her children have been writing letters to be distributed to some of the elderly residents at local assisted living home communities where visitation has been suspended due to social distancing regulations.

Michelle Mennella, Paraprofessional at Gettry Marcus, and her daughters Girl Scout Troop 35 has donated cookies to Huntington Hospital and has participated in virtual BINGO games to help raise money to send meals to staff at Plainview Hospital.

Liz Tavares, Paraprofessional at Gettry Marcus, and her family have donated to “Commack Feeds Our Heroes

Andrew Rubin, Partner at Gettry Marcus, and his family have made charitable contributions to numerous organizations including the Sunrise Association and Mount Sinai Hospital Group.

On the Front-line:

A special thanks to the Gettry Marcus community members who are on the front-line:

Kristen Hansen, RN at Stony Brook Hospital and Sister of Samantha Hansen, Paraprofessional at Gettry Marcus, has created an Adopt-A-Nurse program. This program is designed to boost morale to front line workers and allow people in the community to connect & distribute care packages to nurses from local hospitals. This group currently has over 600 members volunteering to give back to our front-line workers. Learn More

Eric Ferber, NYC EMT and Son to Lee Ferber, Partner at Gettry Marcus.

Richard Berlin, Anesthesiologist at Memorial Regional Hospital and Brother to Robin Rokuson, Partner at Gettry Marcus.

Becky Allman, a Nurse Anesthetist at Holy Cross Hospital and Sister-in-Law to Robin Rokuson, Partner at Gettry Marcus.

Stephanie Faggione, Nurse at Mather Hospital and Sister to Alexandra Faggione, Senior Accountant at Gettry Marcus.

Michael Belvedere, EMT for the FDNY EMS and Partner to Kariette Fleming, IT Associate at Gettry Marcus.