Save Time and Eliminate Errors with Payroll Interface

The majority of payroll providers, such as ADP and Paychex, can provide their clients with linking services which allow them to automatically download payroll information directly into QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online.  If you use accounting software other than QuickBooks, you should still speak to your payroll company.  In many cases, they can create a custom bridge which will work specifically with the accounting software your company utilizes.  The way the bridge works is by creating balanced journal entries, as well as detailed employee check information, from your payroll data.  Working with your payroll specialist, you instruct them which general ledger account each line should be posted to.  They set it up once, and from that point forward each payroll can be automatically posted using files generated by the payroll provider.  You only need to make adjustments if anything changes.

By using a payroll interface, companies can reduce time spent by their accounting department, while also reducing the chance of errors.  Gettry Marcus can work with your payroll specialist to create a custom setup for your unique chart of accounts.  After each payroll is processed, there is a seamless flow of payroll information into QuickBooks, reducing the need for data entry and helping to eliminate costly errors.

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