Accounting malpractice claims can result from a fraud undetected by the CPA, errors or omissions on Federal and state income tax filings, conflicts of interest issues, the failure to follow professional standards in the preparation of financial statements, or any other accountants professional liability litigation issues facing the CPA.

Gettry Marcus’ professionals have extensive experience in analyzing the relevant information necessary to assist counsel for either the plaintiff or defendant in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a malpractice claim. This assistance can be invaluable in determining whether the dispute should be pursued or settled prior to the commencement of litigation.

Once a matter enters litigation, our experts can assist with document requests, perform document inspections, and analyze financial and nonfinancial information relevant to the claim. We can present this evidence in a clear and concise expert report in support of our position.

If the matter goes to trial, our seasoned professionals have experience providing expert testimony in Federal and state courts, as well as arbitration proceedings. Our meticulous preparation and well-reasoned opinions have been accepted by the Courts.

We maintain active roles in many professional organizations in our disciplines, and contribute articles to nationally recognized peer reviewed journals and publications. We have attained the highest level of credentials within our profession and serve as national instructors and lecturers to various professional groups, including state CPA organizations, on various business valuation and forensic accounting topics.