Business Advisory Services

Gettry Marcus’ Business Advisory Group works collaboratively with business owners and their management teams to develop and implement strategic initiatives that will lead to increased growth and profitability, improved performance, and greater value for their businesses.  Our proven business expertise, innovative approach, and in-house resources allow us to work with our clients to facilitate and implement strategic initiatives, most commonly through the development of a strategic business plan, that are essential to achieving long-term business goals.

Business Advisory Service Offerings

Strategic Planning
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For many business owners, achieving long-term goals that supports consistent growth, profitability, and builds value is a real challenge.  Gettry Marcus works with business owners and their management teams to develop and successfully implement long-term strategic plans utilizing an approach that evaluates all aspects of the business, including the organizational structure, the capabilities of the management team, and the market in which the business operates.

Growth Strategies
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Growth can take many forms– expanding in an existing market, expanding to a new territory, or introducing new products or service lines.  If there is not proper planning, however, increases in top line revenue may not result in projected bottom line profitability.  Gettry Marcus works with business owners and their management teams to develop financial projections for any planned expansion; to evaluate the associated risks, benefits and costs with any planned expansion; and to assist management with developing an implementation plan.

Profit and Performance Improvement
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Business owners are under increasing pressure to remain competitive and recognize that they need to find ways to reduce costs and improve their company’s overall performance and profitability. They know there are inefficiencies in how they operate, but they are unable to identify the core of their problems or implement solutions. Gettry Marcus works with business owners and their management teams to evaluate and identify those areas in their businesses that are not operating efficiently and implement solutions that aimed at improving operating efficiencies and ultimately reducing costs.

Change Success Strategies
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In many businesses, management can be one of the biggest obstacles to overcoming financial and operational hurdles. In many situations, business owners themselves, who find it difficult to “let go”, also creates obstacles for change. Gettry Marcus, acting as a facilitator for change, works with business owners and their management teams to develop a better functioning organizational structure; one that increases the probability of change success by addressing key issues and opening up channels of communication between ownership and management.

Succession Planning
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As a business owners plan to transition their business to the next generation, an outside investor, or company employees, they are faced with making some of the most difficult decisions thy have ever had to make; not just financially or operationally, but also at an emotional level. Gettry Marcus works with business owners to ease this burden by guiding them through the succession planning process, which includes addressing family transition issues, grooming the next generation, and developing a succession implementation plan; all with the goal of helping business owners achieve their post-retirement goals.

M&A Advisory Services (Sell-side)
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Planning for the sale of a business is an ongoing process and business owners who start planning early will likely maximize their business’ selling price. Gettry Marcus works with management to identify those areas in a business where there are opportunities to increase earnings or reduce risk, the two factors that ultimately impact selling price. When a prospective buyer is identified, we advise business owners in all phases of the proposed transaction, including tax matters. Our approach gives business owners the confidence to know that they are achieving the greatest possible value for their business.

Business Acquisitions
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Very often, acquiring an established business can be less costly than developing a new product or service line from scratch. For this reason, many business owners seek out these opportunities as a way to grow and build value for their businesses. Once a potential acquisition is identified, however, it is essential that management identifies and fully understands the potential benefits and risks associated with the acquisition. Gettry Marcus assists business owners by performing a thorough analysis of the target business, addressing tax issues, and developing a plan to integrate the new business into existing operations.

Business Valuations
Team Leadership Building
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As a business grows or faces obstacles, one of the greatest challenges faced by business owners is developing true leaders. Without effective leadership, those charged with management responsibilities may not get the full support needed from their teams as the company rolls out new initiatives or implements new strategies. Gettry Marcus provides training to managers with the goal of improving team performance by teaching them how to effectively delegate, improve motivational skills, and to become more of a strategic thinker.

Financial Restructuring
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Over time, the financial structure of a company may need to change for any number of reasons; perhaps because of significant growth, plans for expansion, or possible recurring operating losses. Gettry Marcus works with business owners and their finance teams to evaluate their existing financial structure and to develop a financial strategy that allows them to achieve the most efficient and advantageous debt/equity structure. This includes advising management during the actual debt and/or equity restructuring process.

Accounting Department Operational Reviews
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In any business, accounting is the backbone for measuring a business’s profitability and financial strength. Yet as many businesses grow, their accounting departments typically lag behind and may not be able to provide management with the financial reporting needed to make sound business decisions. Gettry Marcus performs accounting department operational reviews, which includes evaluating processes, staffing, and the technologies utilized, which result in recommendations being made to management to improve the level and quality of financial reporting.

Risk Management Services
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Assessing and mitigating risk is a critical aspect of running any business and it is important to recognize that businesses encounter risk in many areas, whether from new competition, obsolete technologies, high employee turnover, or new government regulations. Gettry Marcus uses a structured approach to identify, assess, and prioritize business risks and then works with management to develop and implement strategies to mitigate those risks.

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