Business Advisory Services

Complimentary Webinars

Gettry Marcus’ Business Advisory Services Group is proud to offer a series of complimentary live webinars focused on helping business owners achieve long-term growth and profitability, as well as build value for their businesses.  Throughout this series of webinars, we will address the challenges faced by business owners and their management teams.  We will present solutions and strategies that can be used by business owners and management to successfully implement strategic initiatives, build a stronger organizational structure and achieve long-term business goals.


Change Success Strategies

How to Overcome the Challenges of Change in Your Business

In many businesses, the management team itself can be one of the biggest obstacles that a company faces when trying to overcome financial and operational hurdles.  The primary reason for this is that management teams may be unwilling to embrace and assume the responsibilities associated with change.  This webinar will focus on the various “change success strategies” that companies can employ to develop and build strong management teams; teams that can work through issues and successfully implement strategic initiatives.


Succession Planning

Strategies to Successfully Transition Your Business to the Next Generation

As business owners plan to transition their business to the next generation, they are faced with making some very difficult and emotional decisions.  This webinar will focus on the planning that needs to be undertaken to ensure a smooth transition, whether it be to a family member or someone outside of the family.  We will discuss how to develop and successfully implement a succession plan and how to resolve internal family conflicts that typically surface during a transition.


Business Acquisitions

An Alternative Approach to Achieving Growth for Your Business

Acquiring an established business, if properly planned, can be less costly, less risky, and may require less time and effort than using only internal company resources to grow a business.  This webinar will focus on a comprehensive approach that can be used to ensure a proposed acquisition is successful.  We will discuss the research needed to identify a potential acquisition, the due diligence phase, determining the investment and/or financing needed, how to integrate the acquired business into existing operations, and other deal-related matters.



Strategic Planning for Your Business

A Roadmap to Achieving Goals and Building Value for Your Business

Date: November 2018, 12:30pm (45 minutes)

For many business owners, achieving long-term goals that supports consistent growth, profitability, and builds value is a real challenge.  Often overlooked is developing a structured business plan to help overcome these challenges.  This webinar will focus on a practical approach to developing and successfully implementing a strategic business plan.

Growth Strategies for Your Business

Growth Strategies to Ensure Long-Term Growth and Profitability

Date: January 2019, 12:30pm (45 minutes)

Growth can take many forms, whether it’s expanding in an existing market or into a new territory, introducing new products or service lines, joint ventures or strategic alliances with other business owners, or acquiring an existing business. This webinar will explore the various growth strategies that business owners should consider in growing and building value for their business.

Growing and Building Value for Your Business

The Role of Accounting and Financial Reporting

Date: November 2019, 8:30am (45 minutes)

Do you spend too much time on accounting & finance instead of focusing on other vital areas of your business, such as sales & marketing, operations, and key strategic growth initiatives? Are you getting lost in the financial information being provided to you? Or do you lack confidence in the accuracy of your business’ financial reporting? During this webinar you will learn the level of financial reporting you need to make strategic business decisions, attract investors, and maximize sale of a business, as well as the evolution of technology’s role in accounting and financial reporting.