Gettry Marcus’ financial experts are often called upon to testify in support and defense of their reports, expert findings, conclusions, and opinions in a court of law or arbitration proceeding. We have considerable experience defending our work and in articulating the applicable facts and principles which form the foundation of our expert findings. Our goal in providing expert witness services is to assist the trier of fact, whether judge, jury, or arbitrator, in understanding the financial issues that are at the heart of a case.

We maintain active roles in many professional organizations in our disciplines, and contribute articles to nationally recognized peer reviewed journals and publications. We have attained the highest level of credentials within our profession and serve as national instructors and lecturers to various professional groups, including state CPA organizations, on various business valuation and forensic accounting topics.

Services Offered

  • Analyze and critique opposing expert’s report
  • Articulate complex accounting and financial information in a coherent format
  • Assist in settlement discussions
  • Assist with document discovery and interrogatories
  • Create visual displays and other presentations
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the adversary’s position
  • Perform forensic accounting and investigative services
  • Provide counsel with questions for depositions and cross examination at trial
  • Prepare expert reports and affidavits
  • Provide expert testimony to the trier of fact
  • Review financial documents


Expert Witness Services Case Studies

Assignment :
We were retained by twenty two insurance companies to review thousands of transactions, read and analyze numerous agreements to determine whether a medical practice was “truly owned” by the doctor named on the certificate of incorporation. Our analysis of the financial transactions resulted in the necessity to reconstruct the books and records of the medical practice, allowing us to apply benchmarking statistics.

Result :
In a landmark unanimous jury verdict, we were able to successfully assert the “Corporate Practice of Medicine Prohibition” principles in demonstrating that the medial practice was owned and controlled by the non-physicians. Our expert witness testimony covered the movement of funds between bank accounts, as well as the reasonableness of the transactions within the context of the agreements entered into between the parties. The verdict delivered by the jury relieved our clients of several thousand pending individual no-fault lawsuits totaling more than $20 million.

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