Fraud can occur in any organization, regardless of its industry size or the presence of internal controls. The high cost of fraud is well documented. Today’s fraudsters utilize state-of-the-art schemes to commit their crimes. Fraud can damage an organization’s reputation, not to mention its ability to continue as a going concern.

In performing financial fraud investigations, Gettry Marcus’ professionals have extensive experience in investigating and detecting fraud schemes and their perpetrators. We combine data analysis and data mining techniques with strong investigative skills. The result is our ability to “follow the people and the money” in developing our investigations.

We maintain active roles in many professional organizations in our disciplines, and contribute articles to nationally recognized peer reviewed journals and publications. We have attained the highest level of credentials within our profession and serve as national instructors and lecturers to various professional groups, including state CPA organizations, on various business valuation and forensic accounting topics.

Services Offered

  • Accounting and financial statement fraud investigations
  • Bankruptcy fraud investigations
  • Complex financial investigations
  • Corporate and contract fraud investigations
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Healthcare fraud and abuse investigations
  • Insurance fraud investigations
  • Interviews of targets and third party witnesses
  • Investigative services
  • Nonprofit fraud investigations
  • Theft of company assets
  • White-collar criminal investigations

Financial Fraud Investigations Case Studies

Assignment :
A rapidly growing healthcare facility with over 200 employees retained us to review its existing internal controls. We interviewed key personnel, examined the company’s cash disbursements, cash receipts, payroll records, and purchasing policies. We also designed and performed analytical procedures based on our research.

Result :
Through the use of state-of-the-art forensic software, we discovered fraudulent activity relating to questionable purchase transactions. Our client replaced certain vendors and implemented our recommended internal control procedures, particularly the proper segregation of duties related to purchasing and cash disbursements. As a result, our client experienced substantial savings on its future purchases.

Assignment :
Gettry Marcus was retained to assist the attorneys defending a CEO and CFO, minority shareholders of a large private company, against accusations concerning theft of funds and disbursements for personal use. These accusations were a result of the minority shareholders’ dispute over the contract to purchase the remaining shares of stock from the majority shareholder.

Result :
Through interviews with company personnel and analyses of the information gathered by our team, we were able to prove that all the alleged improper expenditure claims against the CEO and CFO were actually for bonafide business purposes. We developed charts and graphs used by our clients’ counsel that clearly explained our position to the jury. Through Gettry Marcus forensic efforts and effective presentation, we were able to assist our clients in receiving a favorable settlement with regard to the unfounded accusations.

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