High-quality, personalized service ensures that all tax planning strategies are executed properly

Gettry Marcus provides tax and advisory services to an array of corporate and non-corporate clients. This includes partnerships, corporations, big or small businesses, trusts and estates, tax exempt organizations such as churches and charities, and high net worth individuals and their families.

For many of our clients, almost every business or investment decision is driven by their tax implications. Our team knows exactly how to guide our clients through that process and offer them the vision and specialized expertise to help them make strategic choices and seize opportunities. We help our clients design a comprehensive outline for attaining any financial objectives, and personally walk them through the steps to reaching their goals.

Our clients rely on our extremely professional, hands-on expertise to help them implement financial and business strategies that are as beneficial to them as possible, and suited to their personal, individual needs. Our tax professionals analyze the current status of all of our clients’ investments, insurance, estate plans, and retirement goals for dissection and recommendations for improvement. Our Tax Services Group is well trained and highly skilled in these areas, and is able to provide expert tax advice to our clients that is well thought out and accounts for all needs and circumstances.

Services Offered

Tax Planning
Gettry Marcus integrates tax planning and tax preparation to minimize your tax liability.
  • Business succession planning
  • Choice and structuring of entities
  • Identifying federal and state tax credits and deductions
  • Tax implications of proposed transactions
  • Determine tax elections and methods of accounting that provide the most benefit
  • Advisory services regarding tax accounting methods
  • Advisory services in planning for acquisitions, dispositions or reorganizations of businesses

Tax preparation and compliance
Gettry Marcus provides tax reporting services for both business and individual clients to ensure that all their tax reporting obligations have been met.
  • Tax reporting for business entities, estates, trusts, gifts and individual tax returns
  • Tax reporting for tax-exempt entities
  • Tax examinations representation
  • Reporting of foreign income and investments
  • Assisting clients in understanding the implications of tax law changes

Trust & Estate Services
State and local tax
Family office
Gettry Marcus provides resources to manage the day to day responsibilities of high net worth individuals.
  • Bill payment
  • Household payroll
  • Monitor cash flow
  • Reconciliation of bank and brokerage accounts

Personal financial and retirement planning
Gettry Marcus plays an active role in assessing client current and future needs.
  • Develop investment strategy
  • Education funding needs
  • Determine how to provide for spouse and children
  • Retirement goals
  • Analysis of life insurance

Tax litigation

Practice Leader

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