Gettry Marcus’s dedicated staff of state and local tax (SALT) professionals keep abreast of state and local developments.   As members of various accounting society state and local tax committees and government advisory panels, we are often asked to comment on proposed legislation as well as changes to tax forms.  By keeping current, our SALT team can provide you an array of services ranging from planning, compliance and defense. Specifically,

Our Individual and Business Planning and Compliance services include:

  • Assistance in planning a personal and/or a business move or expansion
  • Performing a nexus review
  • Reviewing your apportionment methodology
  • Maximizing the use of deductions and credits

In the Sales and Use Tax area, we can:

  • Help ensure that you are collecting and remitting the correct amount of tax to the appropriate states
  • Review your exemption certificate collection and retention policies and procedures
  • Analyze whether a reverse audit would result in any refund claims
  • Assist in self-assessing use tax on purchases

In the Employment Tax area, we can:

  • Review your state payroll reporting and withholding requirements
  • Analyze your state unemployment withholdings

Our Tax Controversy and Audit Defense Services include:

  • Analyzing and handling a personal residency audit
  • Handling various types of disputes with taxing authorities, whether it is a notice or an examination
  • Assist in minimizing potential prior period exposure through either a voluntary disclosure or amnesty filing (if available)