Gettry Marcus is committed to providing our clients personalized service, whether it is planning, preparing or administering – our approach begins with understanding your needs and objectives. We work with attorneys, financial planners, insurance agents and other professional advisors to help our clients enhance and protect assets for themselves and their heirs.

Our team of tax professionals works closely with business and individual clients to formulate effective strategies aimed at preserving wealth and helping to ensure compliance with appropriate regulatory bodies. Our goals are to minimize estate taxes, preserve your assets, pass them to the beneficiaries of your choice and promote family harmony after you are gone.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning includes the process of creating and implementing a program for the protection and orderly transfer of wealth. We will work with you to develop and design an estate plan that will reduce estate and/or gift tax to maximize family wealth. Estate Planning Checklist.

  • Structuring family gift giving programs that take advantage of trusts and other creative gifting techniques for transferring wealth and minimizing taxes.
  • Creating family limited partnerships.
  • Designing and implementing charitable giving strategies, which use charitable trusts, private foundations or public donor advised funds to minimize estate, gift and income tax.
  • Planning for individual retirement account and qualified pension plan distributions.
  • Pre & Post mortem tax planning.

Business Succession Planning

If you own a business, we will help you to develop a succession plan that will pass the business to your heirs who want to work in the business and provide for your other heirs who do not want to work in the business.

In the event there are no family members who want to work in the business, we can provide you with alternatives to determine the most appropriate business succession plan.

Administration Of Trusts & Estates

We go beyond just planning.

  • Our partners are often asked to serve as executors and trustees.
  • We prepare estate, trust and individual income tax returns.
  • We perform business valuations to minimize estate taxes.
  • We prepare judicial accountings.
  • We can be your representative before taxing authorities at examinations and appeals.

Other Services

With our strong associations with other professionals we can guide you through the following complex areas and help you implement solutions.