Was Your Employee Benefit Plan Audit What You Expected

You thought your employee benefit plan audit would go smoothly.

Instead, you got an unanticipated and unwanted surprise.

You expected your audit would be completed on time.

Instead, you had to pull additional data just before the filing deadline.

You hired an auditor you thought could do the job.

Instead, you received a letter from the Department of Labor notifying you of the many deficiencies in the audit.

Any auditor can say they know employee benefit plans, but if you experienced any of these issues with your recent audit, you know that claim is not always true. And if not careful, a deficient audit could result in significant financial ramifications.

When it comes to an employee benefit plan audit, you need quality and dependability. One of the most common reasons an auditor’s report is found deficient is because the auditor failed to perform tests that are unique to this type of audit. In fact, an auditor may view the audit as a means of fulfilling reporting requirements instead of seeing it for what it should be:  a means to protect your fiduciary responsibilities.

We can help you do just that.


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